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a song that weirdly makes me hopeful

They're tryna make something of themselves before the world comes to an end,
I guess you never see it coming when it's coming out of left field
Yeah, he's a pretty solid guy but said his humor's kinda dark,
well I wish him the best and hope he keeps his beady little eyes peeled
She had a shitty day and now we've only made it worse for her,
the sky is orange and there's fucking ashes on her windshield

And the water dried up
And the water dried up
And the water dried up
And the water dried up

Her parents sent their kid to some asylum out in Malibu,
I guess she can't have nicotine for breakfast like she used to
They said the internet is ruining our lives despite the fact it's saving kids just like myself from being lonelier in high school
I guess he thought he only cried at funerals but this time no one's dying,
it just seems like everyone around him wants to

sum spotify songs :o]

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