♥ LINKZ ️️♥️
here i will put all the links i gather from the interwebs!!

starting with my neo-mutuals :))

- GOOD LINK,, a BLM masterdoc, please check it out

- linked in the masterdoc but i thought i would include,., please also check this out, has some good petition

stuff from a ytber i watch
- shes an ok {not fantastic, she seems really nice tho} content creator but i really appreciate her compiling all this info :)

socialism 101
- 4 beginners who don't have the attention span to read marx :)

- A cool site with a ton of content {found on vampire pda's link site}

an anarchist library
- another cool site but 4 anarchy!! {found on vampire pda's link site}


are you a a soldier, poet, or, king? (quiz)
- this quiz fuckin slaps!! i got "THE POET"... u should take it and tell me what u get!

- ah yes, the site that makes me want to do heroin :)

- gifcities is a given lol

- a super cool website with a collection of pics n gifs that lead to archived geocities websites :)

- super cute site,.,. where i get most of my flower dividers and alot of my gifs! i rely on it alot lol

- i used to be a huge tumblr kid but my account just like vanished,.,. but tumblrs rlly great for everything,. i get a lot of glitter and old web stuff from there aswell as all the fandom shit,. this is the link to my new tumblr not the whole site! follow it if u want :)
- i got my guest book from them!,.,. tho im sure theyll advertise themselves enough on it
- I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE THOSE DAMN GLITTER GRAPHICS >:^) all u have to do is use the glitter fill tool on this site!
- my cute little homepage cat came from here :)
- this is my backup blog it's also probably gonna be my more positive thinking one {when i actually write in it lol} bc i need that.

this website was started on:

june 20th, 2020...