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im going to put my smaller, less pointed thoughts here; the ones that don't fit in my diary

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9212020.926pm::: im gonna do it,, if this happens on more time i will implode
yeah well it happened but i kinda expected that so whatever.

9212020.1132am::: i hate that people try to teach me mindfullness, like bitch i have a therapist 4 that and u r like so much worse at teaching it,, like u didnt even get the defininition right lol,, i mean ur nice but like please b quiet

9172020.1147pm::: fuck free writes,, stop saying juju,,.,ur kinda fuckin ableist,, i fucking hate all of u

9152020.910pm::: 2nites plans?: take 9 mg of guanacine to see what it will do :)

9142020.1206am::: maybe if my room is dark and i am quiet ppl will know i am sad... who am i kidding?? full on sobbing doesnt even work; im not even sad, im angry

9122020.1115am::: i want to smash all my mirrors;; everything is burdening me down, in stacks and piles and clinging to the walls, soon i will drown