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2nd entry: November 7th, 2023:7:49PM

LOL i haven't written all year. my life has been incredibly hectic and quite shit tbh and there's way to much to write about right now. i will make and entry tomorrow night, until then I LOVE YOU ALL AND IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK

1st entry: January 28th, 2023:8:42AM

HIIIII YALL!!!!! im back from rehab and slowly working to fix my life! i hope you all have been well, im sorry i didnt update more last year but tbh it was a pretty shitty year lol. now that i pulled a restart on life i think i will try to write at least one entry a month. my 18th birthday is in 2 months so that pretty cool. i have been really really stressed and sad about the process of time for as long as can remember but i finally realized that theres nothing i can do. people will leave me and things will die and regrow and i can't do anything about it!! that i the most freeing thing honestly. right now im focusing on rebuilding from the chaos that i've grown accustomed to for so long. i realized recently that i can actually do positive things to make myself feel better, which may sound silly but i fr had never even considered that a possibility. i have been taking walks and seeing my friends and i'm honestly so happy right now. i love my people so so much and im so happy to have them! school starts again this monday (at least for me) and im so excited to do all the fun classes i wanted to do senior year. i've been redecorating my room and even if it isnt as glorious as it once was it at the very least feels safe. i cant believe i've had this site for almost 3 years now. shit's crazy. this site means so much to me even if its in slight disarray right now. you have all brought me nothing but joy for the last 3 years and i want to thank every single one of you for that. love yall!! ~~ BYE, UNTIL NEXT TIME :))